About us

How it started

WeR1 Connection was founded in 2018 by two friends and colleagues, Darko and Semih. Joining forces became a common thread in their career and, most importantly, friendship. This is why today, family values are considered to be the backbone of the company.

Work provides an active role in society and promotes development. It is our passion to strive for a win-win situation for people and companies. We find the right employee together with a company. Or vice versa, finding the right job for a candidate.

WeR1 Connection as a family business

We have a strong bond not only within the team, but also with every new external business connection we make, doesn’t matter candidates or companies. We are genuinely interested and want to get to know and understand both sides. If we know what is going on, we can come up with appropriate solutions.

Familiar and innovative

Since our foundation in 2018, we have been known as a committed, reliable, and loyal partner. We are familiar and innovative at the same time: we are constantly looking for new ways to bring people and companies together and add value to their newly formed professional relationships. We provide you with the reliability you can expect as an NBBU affiliated employment agency.


We work efficiently and simply. That saves costs. We know the region, the people, the culture, which gives us an indisputable advantage. We are professional, fast, involved, accessible and concrete. No pretty stories, just clear ones.